Hen Party Dares To Spice Up Your Big Night

The inclusion of dares games at a hen party is by no means compulsory; however, it will surely liven things up significantly. And it is as easy to do as popping a pack of dare cards in your purse before you and the rest of the hens hit the town. Let us take a look at just how it helps make the event more memorable.

The cards are simply pre-printed truth or dare cards. Gather your party guests together and draw a card each from either the truth or the dare pile. Then it is a case of carrying out the dare or telling the truth. However if you do not fancy telling the truth you can take a dare as a forfeit.

Using dare cards at a hen party put a racier spin on things and his form of the game can get in to serious, and sometimes embarrassing, questions and often boasts amusing dares. It is up to you how far you will go though keep it reasonably clean and nobody should be forced to do anything they do not want to do.

But if you are attracted to the idea of spicing up your hen night with the use of dare cards there are a number of ways you can do this. The easiest way is to purchase a pack of pre-printed dare cards which are designed just for hen parties. Or you may feel like creating your own using simple index cards to make it unique to your night.

Dare cards are fantastic icebreakers which can really get people to get to know each other and enter truly in to the spirit of the occasion. In most cases the questions and dares are slightly saucy but ultimately harmless.

If you do want to add a little more fun to your hen night party then consider using dare cards though please bear in mind that not all the questions or dares might be deemed appropriate for all situations. You can always edit a ready-made pack before the festivities start or create personalised cards just for the occasion.

Hen party dares are extremely popular and may include for example telling the truth about something that happened at a previous party you went to or being dared to get the guy at the bar to buy you a drink.

Keep it all in moderation and dare yourself to make your hen night the best it can be.

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