Four Simple Steps to Finding a Great Videographer In Your Area

Weddings! What could be more romantic than two people promising to love each other for the rest of their lives? Pledging their commitments to one another and vowing to stay together through thick and thin. Yes, marriage is one thing that we as a society still take in earnestly. That is why so much time and preparation is given to a wedding event.

One of the most important things in a wedding (aside from the bride and the groom showing-up) is the photos. Now, aside from the photos, there is the video or videography which has taken posterity to the next level. Videography is now very in – demand, not only in weddings but also anniversaries, reunions, birthdays and business events.

Since the demand for videographers are quite high, there are hundreds of videography companies that are flooding the market today. However, it is important to be picky since there are good ones and not so good services and packages. Indisputably, everyone deserves quality service, especially those who are planning to capture their whole wedding event in film since this only happens once since.

How then can we find a good videographer for wedding events?

Plan Ahead

Include finding a good videographer in your area in your daily task of finding a good baker for the wedding cake, gown, tux etc. Keep in mind that a good video and photo doesn’t happen overnight. Photography is an art and not everyone who owns a Nikon SLR camera is an artist.


The web is rich in resources, take time to research. There are numerous companies and freelance videographers who has their own websites and webpages to promote their services and packages. There are also samples of their work already uploaded on their sites which is good because you’ll have already an idea of their capabilities and you can already gauge the quality of their work.

Word of mouth

Your choice should not be dependent completely on what you see on their websites. It is better to see actual results. Borrow your friends’ wedding videos and learn from their experience. Get advice and recommendation. Take note of the name of the videographers whom you can have faith in to do the job.

Technical Stuff (This is very important Ladies, so listen up!)

If you’ve already listed down all your choices, it is now time to go and check them out. Talk to them, especially the videographer and ask them basic questions about their services and the apparatus that they have. The latest is always better. Video cameras today are already in high – definition standards, as well. It is also important to know what type of cameras they’re using and how many units will they use for your wedding. There are some companies which uses two cameras if it’s a grand wedding to capture everything that needed capturing. Establish the number of DVDs included in the package and if you are also getting the unedited footage of the event. Ask them how long it will take them to show you the finished product. The date schedule is important because it varies from every company. In terms of the audio, it has to also be high quality especially during the saying of the vows and during the reception. It is both essential to really look good and sound good as well.

A Wedding Day is a day in which everything should be perfect for the reason that it is the commencement of your lifetime together. Evidently, it should be romantic since you are celebrating your love with each other and you’re sharing your special day with your family and friends. Again, you’ll by no means go wrong with a good quality wedding videography because it is important to capture every second of your special day.

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