Creative Ideas for Adding a Personal Touch to Your Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations form an important part of marriage plans and reflect the personality as well as the spirit of the wedding couple in a big way. From the design, color as well as the wording of the invites, there are so many elements that come into play which give you and your partner the unique opportunity of making your cards stand out and become a truly memorable token amongst your friends and family members.

There are many ways by which marriage invites can be made unique and the most creative results can be achieved by personalizing them. Personalized cards add a very special and individualistic touch to the cards while giving both the bride and the groom an exclusive chance to incorporate their artistic ideas into the cards. There are a large number of printing services available on the web which allows couples to choose colors, paper qualities as well as designs to suit their personal likes and tastes.

When you set out to personalize your wedding invitations a great way to reach out to your friends and family is to get their names inscribed on individual cards as well as the envelopes. There are some beautiful calligraphy fonts that can be chosen to get the desired effect as well as make your invites look instantly artistic and surreal. Personalizing your invites to your friends and family members works very well especially if you are having a small gathering of people at the ceremony.

Another great idea that can make your wedding invitations special and personal is to write out a brief introduction about you and your partner in one of the inserts. This is a very nice way of introducing the bride and groom to their respective families. The invite can also include a small write-up about how the couple met which will give a truly romantic appeal to the whole card. Including a favorite poem or a verse penned down by either or both of the couple would also be a beautiful addition to the invite.

Wedding invitations can also feature a sketch or a photograph of the bride and the groom which would make the invites quite distinctive and exceptional. The photographs can be a close up of the couple or can be a part of the background design over which the invite wordings can be printed. Most online printing services give you the option of uploading pictures onto the layout of the invite so that you can choose a suitable picture and get a satisfactory preview before ordering your cards.

You will be surprised how much difference the color and texture of the paper can bring to wedding invitations. While off-white and pearl are some of the safer and standard shades that are usually chosen, pastel hues of lilac, blue, teal, and peach can bring in a fresh and lively look to invites. Apart from the color choice, there are thousands of beautiful textures which are available in the market including handmade paper as well as ones crafted from silk and various stunning fabrics which can make the cards look unique and out of the ordinary.

A little amount of forethought and your personal touch is all you need while designing your invites and you will be amazed how you can successfully create a set of the most beautiful and unique wedding invitations for your friends and family members.

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