Tips For Buying Your Plus Size Bridal Gown

Shopping for a wedding dress is a challenge for any bride because it will be used in her most memorable day, so she wants it to be perfect. This task has proven to be more difficult for plus size gals who are looking for plus size bridal gowns.

My suggestion for the plus size bride is to be patient when looking for the right wedding dress. Because many bridal shops do not offer sample plus size dresses, you do not have the opportunity to see various styles of dresses in your size.

One other challenge facing plus size brides is to look for a style of a wedding dress that will suit your figure. To start your research for the right dress, you should browse bridal magazines, including Modern Brides or Brides, and look for bridal gowns you like. You can also use the Internet to search for bridal gowns on the websites of the The Wedding Channel and Knot.

Also, several fashion designers now design plus size bridal gowns and some even design lines that are specifically for these women.

Here, I will help plus size brides find the style that will flatter their body shape and which ones they should avoid.

Make sure that you choose a bridal gown that would not add weight or width to your body shape; instead you should look for a style that will help you look slim. To achieve a slimming look, experts recommend that you should choose a bridal gown that has asymmetrical front details. Additionally, the bridal gown silhouettes that will look good on plus size brides be are the a-line and princess wedding gown styles.

Other bridal gowns that will compliment plus size brides are the empire style, mermaid style and the sheath style. Specifically, the empire style is for brides who are not breasted because the style’s aim is to put a spotlight on the bust. The mermaid style is suggested for tall brides who have balanced proportions. The sheath style is for those who have a balanced and defined waist.

Aside from style, plus size brides should also check if the dress’ patterns, which can be lace motif, embroidery, or beadings, are scaled to their size. You should not choose wedding dresses that have small details because they could look dainty. Moreover, you should not select a style that will add width, like tiered skirts and ruffles.

Adding details on the hem or in the bodice adds interest in the gown and not on the bust if you have a large one.

Pear shaped women will look beautiful if they will wear an off shoulder gown for their gown because the off the shoulder neckline and surplice v-neck will help slim the bust line.

Looking for the right plus size wedding gowns should no longer be a problem after you read some tips I have offered here. I hope that this will guide you in your quest for that perfect gown that will help you stand out during the most special day of your life.

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