The Risks of Do It Yourself Wedding Photography

If you are planning a wedding and want to save money on wedding photography, one approach people often take is to in one way or another manage the photography themselves. This often means having a family member or friend help with the wedding photography.

While saving money on wedding photography might seem like a good idea, the last thing you want is to sacrifice your memories for the sake of a few bucks. If your pictures turn out horrible, you can’t go back and re-do them.

Hopefully, you’re only going to get married once. Your wedding pictures are going to be a lasting reminder of that day, and for many people are one of the main lasting images that they will keep close to them.

What I mean is… do you know anyone who has a moldy piece of wedding cake on display in their home from their wedding 20 years ago? Of course you don’t. It might be in their freezer, but nobody is ever going to eat it or get much enjoyment from it. Wedding PICTURES on the other hand are the complete opposite. Chances are, you’ve seen wedding pictures from 20 years ago and more, because that is the reminder that people hang on to and display in their homes.

The point of all this is simple: don’t skimp on the wedding photography just to save a buck. You don’t want lousy wedding pictures hanging on your walls for the next 20 years as a reminder that you got a “good deal” on wedding photography.

Do yourself a favor and if you choose to handle the photography on your own, plan very well ahead of time and do plenty of practice pictures with the person and the camera that you intend to use. That way, in the event the pictures aren’t that great, you will have time to figure out a better option.

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