Modern Wedding Trends for 2011

Contemporary style weddings are more popular than ever for 2011. Brides and grooms love how they can express their personality with weddings that are fresh and modern. Check out some of the trends in wedding attire, decor, food, and more for 2011 modern weddings.

The first impression one makes of their wedding is the invitations. Modern wedding invitations often feature bold colors, non-traditional shapes, and an eclectic use of fonts and letter sizes. Your guests will know they are in for something different than the traditional country club wedding when they open your invitations. The electronic R.s.v.p. is popular for modern weddings, but if you will have guests from across generations, offer a more traditional paper response option as well.

The wedding attire is a big part of the modern style wedding. For 2011, a big trend for brides is to wear short white cocktail dresses rather than traditional full length bridal gowns. Look for a dress with special details like interesting draping, unique embellishments, or a cool neckline. Even in a short dress, the bride should be always be the best dressed person at her own wedding after all. As for bridesmaids, the cookie cutter look is definitely out. Let each bridesmaid choose her own dress in a general style. It is not even necessary for them to wear the same color, just colors which generally look good together. Bridesmaid jewelry should be equally individual, so if you give bridesmaid jewelry gifts to your attendants, choose unique pieces for each woman.

The reception decor will definitely set the tone for a modern wedding. Brides are getting away from the traditional round tables which seat 10 guests for dinner. Mix and match shapes and sizes are the trend for tables. Choose about three or four different centerpiece designs to distribute among the tables for variety. Bold colors like lime, fuchsia, orange, or cinnamon are excellent choices around which to plan the decorations and flowers.

Food plays a big part in any wedding celebration. The trend for modern weddings in 2011 is small bites and snacks in abundance rather than a heavy seated dinner. In addition to stations, a cool new trend is to have servers bring out trays of little snacks to the dance floor to fuel the party. Then the midnight snack time rolls around, and in come the food trucks – hot dogs, sliders, Krispy Kreme donuts, ice cream – if it can be served from a truck, it is on trend for 2011! For dessert, contemporary brides are opting for pies, whoopie pies, or brownie cakes instead of the traditional white wedding cake or the overdone cupcake tower.

A few other trends to keep in mind for 2011 weddings are reception lounges and afterparties. Basically, anything you can do to make your wedding reception mimic the experience of partying at the hippest nightclub in town is good. One thing is for certain, guests should have a great time at all of the modern weddings in 2011.

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