Make Your Own Wedding Invitations Without A Kit

By Mary Redfoot Harnetiaux Platinum Quality Author Mary Redfoot Harnetiaux
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Hi, I have been making invitations for over 15 years. I love making the invitations and addressing the envelopes to match.This make for a nice …

If you have all your wedding arrangements made, you need invitations. You can make your own wedding invitations without a kit. Make your own kit! It really is very easy to do.

So how do you make your own wedding invitation kit. Easy here are some ideas:

Go to your local craft store. Purchase a set of plain white, ivory or ecru colored cards and envelopes. Get 2 sizes. One will be for your invitations the other will be for the RSVP cards. I have even found these at Walmart. Once you have these you can customize them with anything your want. Die cuts, stickers, puff paints, stamps, wedding clip art or whatever.Go to your local print shop. They may have trash that will be your treasurer. I have worked in printing for years. They get envelopes in boxes of 250 and cases of 1000 They have left overs and they very seldom have a use for 150 envelopes. They will sell them to you at a special price. Have them cut stock to match the size envelopes. This can save a lot of money if they are willing to help. Again get 2 sizes.Try a local stationery store. They may have note cards that will work great. Don’t rule them out. They can look good on their own. Just add your information and you have a nice custom set of invitations.Wow! I was at a Dollar store the other day. The Christmas cards were marked down to 25 cents for a package. Imagine being able to get that size envelope for 25 cents for 25. A penny an envelope. Throw out the Christmas cards or use them for scrap booking. Buy a ream of card stock at your office supply store. Have them cut it to fit you envelopes. Again you can customize these to match.Valentines Day is a great holiday to look for wedding supplies. Another awesome time to shop the clearance after. Get those notecards for RSVPs. Stickers that can be used for seals if you do a print, seal and send invitation.

You can easily make your own wedding announcement kit. Making custom invitations for your wedding can be done so easily. Add the touches that will make you stand apart from others.

The craft store is invaluable for ideas. A scrap book store is another area that you can check out. Try a local Hallmark store and see what is popular. Then think how you can add something similar. Glitter pens are fun to use and can add a small touch if used sparingly.

Make your own wedding invitations and you can have nice invitations and still save money! What a win-win.

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You can get information on making your wedding invitations here too.

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