Make Wedding Invitations With One Sheet Of Card Stock!

You have the arrangements made. Now it is time to invite your guests. You need a nice invitation but it has to be cheap. Make wedding invitations from one sheet of card stock.

These are the easiest invitations to make. You will take one sheet of card stock. Get it cut to size. You can use various sizes. If you purchased a ream of 11 x 17 inch card stock, you get 250 sheets. If you need 250 invitations get half of it cut in half length wise. This means you will have 250 sheets of 5 1/2 inches by 17 inches. You can take the other 125 sheets and get cut in half the other way. This will give you 250 sheets of 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches.

You will have the card stock cut for your invitations and use the other for your wedding programs. That means you have a great bargain. Depending on your set up will determine how much ink you will need. That is why I don’t advise using heavy clip art or even a thick font. I actually like the thinner fonts for invitations. They have a softer look to them. That makes them friendlier.

Now, you have the card stock done. Set up your invitations in your favorite word processing program. I have used many but the most economical program is Mircosoft Works. This is installed on most computers so that means you don’t need any special software. Set up the wording so you have the invitations at the top, the center will have the reception information and the bottom will have the RSVP card.

You will make an RSVP postcard. This will be less to mail back to you. You always want to add the stamp on your RSVP returns. Once you print your invitations you can print the back side with just your return for the RSVP and your address on the top or in the second panel. You can also even address these on your computer if you know how. That adds a lot to them.

Once printed you can score these. Scoring is adding a crease to fold them nicely. Then at the bottom you can perforate them. That means adding a dotted line that will allow your guests to easily and smoothly tear the RSVP card apart from the invitations and mail back to you.

As you can see that you can easily make wedding invitations with one sheet of card stock. It is easy, cheap and more environmentally friendly with no envelopes. These make a great idea when you dress them up and make them look good too.

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