Make A Splash With A “Showered With Love” Umbrella Cake Topper

It’s your wedding day that’s coming up, which means you have a say in every little detail of what brings it all together. Whether deciding on color schemes, wedding favors, flowers, table settings, or bride and groom cake toppers, your wedding day should include all the things you and your fianc? consider special and important in your relationship.

You probably already know that you want your wedding to be fun, unique, and a true celebration of love. But you also probably know what it’s like to be overwhelmed with too many ideas. Coming across something that you absolutely love can help you develop a theme or color scheme. For example, our new favorite “Showered with Love” Umbrella Cake Topper stands out among the many we have seen. It is fabulously fun and romantic, while at the same time, “Showered with Love” just happens to be the perfect description of what your day is all about.

The 16 cm-tall kissing couple figurine makes for one of the most beautiful and romantic cake toppers that will surely impress all. What we love most are the adorable rain boots worn by the bride and the fun umbrella held by the groom. While we welcome the luck that a little rain can bring on our wedding day, clearly this man knows what just a few raindrops can do to a beautiful hairdo, and is taking care of his lady!

A beautiful dress, a stylish suit, one white umbrella and a great pair of rubber boots all combine to create this very adorable and fun wedding cake topper. The best part is that it can tie in with virtually any theme out there. From sweet spring garden and fun summer themes to romantic vineyard and shabby chic country themes, this little duo is one of the most versatile toppers we’ve encountered, and there are many fabulous wedding favors you can get to match. Regardless of rain or shine, this hand painted, porcelain cake decoration will stand out for all the right reasons, and will make a fantastic keepsake from the happiest day of your life.

Big cake, small cake, round cake, square cake, fondant or butter-cream-however the happy couple decides to share the sweetness of their love, wedding favors and accessories that show their personality are a great finishing touch to one of the most anticipated parts of the celebration. The right cake topper can even set the tone for your entire celebration from traditional and elegant to a fun and energetic party. Be sure to choose something that matches what you really want the day to be about!

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