Maid Of Honor Speech: Make The Bride Proud

The Maid of Honor speech is done by somebody that knows the Bride as good as just about anyone else, frequently more so than the Bridegroom. Therefore it should offer a glimpse into praiseworthy areas of the Bride’s everyday life that lots of wedding attendees might not be conscious of.

The Maid of Honor is responsible for ensuring that the Bride’s wedding day goes as smoothly as it can. Her responsibilities are not just restricted to the day of the wedding, there are numerous issues that she’s expected to help the bride with before the wedding day itself.

There are actually pre-wedding tasks to look after including picking out venues and themes, helping to search for the bridal gown and also Bridesmaids’ outfits – together with offering frank feedback on their selection, and planning and participating in pre-wedding parties. On the whole it requires ensuring that the Bride doesn’t get overstressed and is coping with all of the demands placed upon her throughout this really busy time.

On the day of the wedding the Maid of Honor has more responsibilities, including decorating the venue, greeting the Groom’s mother and father, and ensuring that each of the wedding reception guests are enjoying (and behaving) themselves.

Of course one of the primary duties is to make the Maid of Honor speech at the wedding reception. Typically this particular speech will last somewhere within 3 to 5 minutes. Now that does not sound like an awful long time, until the time comes to craft a speech intended to last that long, then it seems like a very long time.

The typical wedding dinner could have approximately one hundred guests in attendance, and you’ll be expected to construct and deliver a speech that’s warm, heart-felt, touching, insightful, and needless to say funny. No one wants to sit through a uninteresting, emotionless and humourless speech. Zero pressure then!

Making any speech in public is often rather nerve-racking, but making a speech at a wedding reception is much more so. This can be down to two reasons, to start with it is simply because you will know most of the people there and performing in front of friends is often even worse than performing in front of strangers. At least with strangers you will probably never see them again, not like relatives and friends who you can not help but run into on a daily basis.

The second reason is because of the astounding diverseness of the wedding reception guests. There will be people there of all age ranges, from youngsters right through to the older folk. These people will be of different religions, different backgrounds, and various social classes. They’ve got varying ideas of just what comprises acceptable humour, and will be in varying stages of intoxication.

The key when making your Maid of Honor speech is to spend ample time in considering and preparing the speech to ensure that not only is the material befitting the Bride’s once-in-a-lifetime special day, but also that you are so confident of your speech that you ‘ll be in a position to deliver it with the sure-fire knowledge that it will be well received. This makes your task so much easier.

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