Key Points For Your Hen Party Planning

If you are asked to organise a friend’s hen party you have a big responsibility and you have to get it right. If you put enough care and attention in to the task then you can enjoy the fruits of your efforts along with the rest of the party attendees. But just how do you put things in place to ensure that the party that goes smoothly.

The good news is that with a little forethought you can pull it off. Here are some important things for you to consider and build in to your hen party planning.

Firstly consider the bride’s wishes as it’s about her after all. The style of the party may range from a simple get together for ladies to somewhat racy and more spirited activities. Always ensure that you understand and comply with the bride’s as to how her hen party should be and what should and should not be included.

Next think about who will and will not be invited. You will want to consult with the bride to be about this. There may be particular people she wants (or does not want) to attend or there may be a limit on numbers. If they are to be invited, keep this in mind when setting entertainment for the event.

How long will the party last. Is it a night out or to span an entire weekend. Longer hen parties are becoming very popular and often start on a Friday night, take in say a sporting event on the Saturday morning before another night on the tiles before finishing up after breakfast on Sunday morning. Decide on the duration and format of your party and plan accordingly.

Always have in mind the cost and any budget that you may be working to. And think about of the guests can afford anything extravagant. Not all might be comfortable with something very expensive. For example a long weekend pampering in a spa resort may be beyond the reach of some people.

And of course do not forget the date. Usually the hen party will take place the weekend before the wedding so know what is happening when and build your plan around that. This is of course essential for the invitations and for booking reservations at restaurants, venues, transport and hotels if required.

Hen party themes are big business these days so if the bride wants the event to take a particular theme (nurses, wild west or whatever) then confirming it in advance and including the details on the invitations to allow invitees to get their outfits is very important.

Taking your hen party planning duties seriously will be surprisingly rewarding when the celebrations go without a hitch and that will be down to you. Sure, take a little credit for that but always remember that you are planning the bride’s last big bit night as a single woman and you will be fine.

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