June Wedding Invitations Mark the Start of Wedding Season

June has long been considered to be the most popular month of the year for weddings. The weather is mild and the flowers are as beautiful as the bride to be. As with any wedding, June weddings can take a lot of planning if you want everything to come together successfully. One part of the planning that always seems to get left until the last minute is deciding what type of wedding invitations you are going to be sending to all of the guests you would like to be there for your special day.

While you can go into most retail card stores and choose from a variety of standard wedding invitations, why would you want the most important day in your life represented by a generic wedding invitation? If you really want to go all out for your wedding, you should consider having custom wedding invitations made. This will give you the chance to have complete creative control over every aspect of your invitations, which is not something you are going to find with brand name card manufacturers.

When you choose handmade wedding invitations, you will work directly with the creator of the invitations covering every aspect of them. You will start out by choosing the types of paper you want used to make the basic invitation and can then add layers of colors or varieties of paper such as flocked or embossed designs.

Once you have the basic invitation design set, you can put together the information part of the card. Typically this is a computer printed sheet that includes all of the pertinent information regarding your wedding. This information should include both the bride and grooms name; the date and time of your wedding as well as where it is to be held. You might also want to include the details of your reception as well.

To make you wedding invitations more appealing this sheet can have an image ghosted into the background. I like to use a picture such as flowers or perhaps even the bride and groom. You can choose from dozens of different fonts in any color to make everything standout. All of your custom wedding invitations should include an RSVP card, return envelope and where needed maps and/or directions on how to get to both locations.

When you take the time to order handmade wedding invitations, you are letting everyone know just how special your wedding day is. Each invitation will become a treasured memento of your special day for all of your guests and of course for you and your new spouse.

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