Jokes For Your Father Of The Bride Speech

Congratulations! You’re Father of the Bride! Whether or not you’re viewing the big day with joy or trepidation, your wedding speech is one of the most important moments of the evening, and something that your daughter will remember for the rest of her life.

Fortunately, this task doesn’t have to be difficult! Father of the bride jokes are a common occurence during father of the brides speeches and you can often get away with much cornier jokes than you normally would! This is due to several factors, including the work of the barman!

Regardless, the father of the bride jokes are expected to be tasteful and enjoyable and mustn’t hurt feelings or wound anyones pride. This is the public declaration of the father of the bride and should be full of genuine sentiment, humour and joy.

Father of the bride jokes can be found in ebooks and all over the internet. Make sure your jokes are suited to the tone of the wedding and the mood of your guests.

Take the time to write down your speech and make it memorable. Fortunately, the pattern of father of the bride jokes and speeches is pretty well laid down by tradition.

* First, you should say a few opening lines. Include some of your “father of the bride jokes” here to get peoples attention.

* Secondly, give your thanks to the bridal party and guests. Let them know you’re grateful for their attendance and assistance.

* Make a few comments about the wedding day so far and make sure they’re flattering!

* Next comes the most important part of your speech. Make a few comments about how you feel to be the father of the bride and speak well of your son-in-law.

* Formally welcome the grooms family into yours.

* Make some comments on the couples plans and include a little wisdom and some advice for their future together. Father of the Bride Jokes can be slotted in here as appropriate.

* Make a toast or two to your daughter and son-in-law and wish them well in their future together. Mention absent relatives and friends fondly.

* Lastly, a few closing lines and some father of the bride jokes to end your speech on a high. Make sure to wish everyone a pleasant evening for the remainder of the reception.

If you can get your hands on an ebook or guide to writing your speech, most of the hard work will be done for you. Make sure you personalise it and prepare several versions and with preparation and practice, your father of the bride jokes will go down a treat!

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