How to Pick the Best Wedding Gown For Your Body Type

So your off to find your perfect wedding gown. Here are a few tips to consider when trying to find the right style and silhouette for your body shape.

Mermaid Style:

A mermaid style wedding dress is best suited for the taller bride. It accentuates and hourglass shape, and draws attention to curves.

Perfect for a bride who wants to show off her bust and hips. If you are a shorter bride and would like to wear a mermaid dress try one that is 3/4 length, cuts just above the ankle.


A strapless style dress is great for the bride with broader shoulders. The bride should be comfortable showing off her arms, shoulder and bust line.

Jewel Neckline:

A jewel neckline works best for the bride with a smaller bust line. This style comes with short or long sleeves and is great for a more modest bride.

To add excitement to this style try a lace front, or a backless feature.


A-line wedding dresses are perfect for a bride who would like to show a bit of their body’s silhouette but does not want the dress to hug too tight

This is the most common silhouette for a bride. If you are unsure about what the best style wedding dress is for you start with an a-line dress.

Empire Waist:

Empire waist dresses are perfect for a bride who wants to emphasize her bust line. Usually best suited for a slender bride.

These dresses are perfect for a beach wedding and for a bride who wants a more romantic feel to her wedding


Halter wedding dresses are great for the bride with a more slender shoulder line. The line to the neck divides the shoulder, so a bride with a broader shoulder may find this cut makes the shoulders look larger

Boat Neckline:

The boat neckline is best suited for a tall slender smaller bust line bride. Definitely best suited for a more traditional and elegant wedding.

V neckline:

This style is best suited for a bride who wants to show a little or a lot of cleavage. Perfect for a slightly larger bust line.


Dresses with pleating are beautiful for a slender bride. Vertical pleats are great for a shorter bride as it draws the eyes up and down giving the illusion of height.
Pleats add bulk to a dress so try to avoid if you don’t want the extra illusion of weight.

Ball Gown:

A great style wedding dress for almost all silhouettes. Be aware that the ball gown cuts at the waist creating a shorting looking torso. If you are a taller bride look for a ball gown with a drop waistline, this will keep a lengthy torso and also keeps height.

Don’t be afraid to get creative while still showing who YOU are:

Always take in account something in your regular wear that you love and incorporate that into your wedding dress. For example, the wonderful new wedding dresses with pockets, a cute way to incorporate fashion ideas that you love.

When choosing your wedding dress always remember that silhouettes offer guidelines to what’s perfect for your shape, however guidelines are just that a guide. You should definitely be encouraged to try on a shape or style of wedding dress that you like.

Remember you always have the option to set up a bridal consultation and have a professional help you choose what’s right for your shape.

Found the perfect silhouette but want more information on the right colour? Read ” Wedding Dress:What’s in a colour?”

Based in Toronto, Renee Ferguson has been writing wedding and destination wedding articles, tips, and advice since 2009. Her articles have appeared on “Black Bride” and “The Bridal Association of America” website. She was certified as a Wedding Coordinator and Destination Wedding Coordinator with the Wedding Planners Institute of Canada.

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