How To Find Cheap Wedding Items

When you decide to get married, everything is exciting and you probably have all sorts of wonderful ideas about what life with your significant other will be like.

Then, you realize how much actually goes into a wedding, and you might start to get a little stressed!

There are seemingly countless details that go into weddings including (but not limited to) the various wedding items that must be purchased, rented, or otherwise obtained.

The first thing to realize if you are on a tight budget is that there is no shame whatsoever in finding your wedding items used. Anything from centerpieces, to fake flowers, to wedding decorations, to wedding dresses can be found used for relatively cheap (or even free) if you know where to look.

I’m going to give you one method today that can drastically reduce the overall cost of getting the wedding items you need.

Here is how it works:

First, find your local “freecycle” club or yahoo group. If you do an internet search for “freecycle” you can find the website, from which you can locate a freecycle club near you.

Next, Join the club, and sign up for emails from them. If they have the option of sending an email for every posting listed, then DO THAT.

Third, set up your email filters to set aside emails containing certain keywords that you might need. (Words like “wedding” or “flowers” might be a good place to start.)

Now, you should get an email whenever an ad is posted that includes your keywords. You’ll only get emails for the keywords that you add to the filter. This is a GREAT way to find FREE wedding items that other people are done with, but are still in great shape.

The fourth and final thing you should do is to post a “wanted” ad on the freecycle service describing what you’re looking for. You’d be surprised who might end up having just the wedding item you need. And it’s free, so you can’t beat the price!

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