Why Private Destination Wedding Villas Offer Brides Better Facilities

Destination weddings are, without doubt, very much in vogue at the moment with many brides now choosing the opportunity to hold their ceremony in an exotic and romantic location, such as the Dominican Republic, rather than having a traditional wedding at home. As a result there is now a wide choice of both venues and locations enabling brides to select a setting most appropriate to their style for what is a very special day in their lives.

Leasing a fully staffed private villa is one type of venue that has become increasing popular as it offers a number of advantages over alternative locations. A private destination wedding villa is exclusive to the wedding party during their stay. No other guests will be sharing the accommodations so the service provided by the dedicated staff to the bride and her guests is both exceptional and very personal. Menus will have been pre-selected in association with the chef prior to arrival, including the reception dinner on the day of the wedding. Any special dietary requirements can be accommodated and meals suitable for children ordered in advance.

In addition to the villa staff all good destination wedding villa venues will have a resident wedding planner on hand to make all the arrangements for the wedding day itself, the ceremony, reception and entertainment after the formalities have been concluded. The wedding planner will have liaised closely with the bride during the months leading up to the day itself ensuring that her requirements and personal requests for her special day will be just as she wants them to be.

Destination villa wedding planners are especially experienced in adapting their wedding packages to meet the wishes of their brides and have the flexibility to enable them to do so. In addition, as the bride and her wedding party are the exclusive guests, she will have the undivided attention of her wedding planner throughout her stay and especially on the wedding day itself.

During their stay at a destination wedding villa the wedding guests will also have had the opportunity to arrange excursions, trips, or sporting outings such as golf, tennis, scuba diving, windsurfing etc., if they are feeling energetic, or they will be able to just relax at the villa enjoying their private swimming pool, jacuzzi the gardens and beach. The villa concierge will also always be available to ensure the wishes of the couple and their guests are catered for.

The wedding party may well be surprised by the level of service they receive from the waiting staff, bartenders and room attendants. The staff to guest ratio is normally very high and there is no vying with other guests to catch a waiters eye when a cooling drink or cocktail is needed. Staff are trained to be always, but discretely, on hand to meet the requirements of the guests. It’s no wonder guests feel like celebrities during their stay and many testimonies refer especially to the service provided by the staff at destination wedding villas.

Without doubt these specialized venues offer brides the opportunity to be pampered and provide their guests with a truly unforgettable experience. Details of wedding villas can easily be found on the internet by searching for “destination wedding villas” or “villa weddings” and although they offer celebrity style facilities they may not be as expensive as you may think, especially when compared with the costs of a traditional wedding.

Adrian Head is Marketing and Events Director at Island Villa Wedding.com located on the north coast of the Dominican Republic. Island Villa Wedding provide full facilities for Destination Weddings at two exclusive and fully staffed villas in Orchid Bay Estates just outside the village of Cabrera. Complete wedding planning packages are offered with total flexibility to enable the couple to personalize their ceremony, reception, and all their stay at the villa resorts as well as organizing the legal requirements for marriage in the Dominican Republic. Further information about Island Villa Wedding can be found at http://www.islandvillawedding.com/

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