Why Is Live Music Important At Weddings?

By Helen McGonigal Helen McGonigal
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The bride and groom have booked the venue and honeymoon, found the perfect dresses for bride and bridesmaids, arranged flowers, photographer, suits, cake and rings, but to really give the wedding day atmosphere it is essential to have the right wedding entertainment. It will say everything about who the bride and groom are as a couple. It will reflect the tone of the venue. It will influence how your guests feel and set the mood for the different stages of the day.

If the service is in a church followed by a reception at a stately home, then a string quartet or harpist possibly followed by a swing band for the evening will reflect the grand classical feel of those surroundings. For a more quirky venue an acoustic guitarist and singer, with an indie band for the evening will provide a more edgy, individual feel. Some couples prefer to book a traditional wedding DJ for their evening reception, knowing that he or she will play all the tunes that will get their guests on the dance floor.

Live music in particular feels more personal because there is a sense that the music is being played for that special couple on their big day and, by the very nature of live musicians being influenced by the day, the clients and their surroundings, no two sets will be the same.

What considerations do the bride and groom need to take into account when booking wedding entertainment?

Preparation Before The Day – How long has the act been established and how long have they been performing at weddings? Ask for a demo CD and if it’s possible to see them live. Find out about their set-up requirements, sound checks etc and if they’ll be visiting the venue beforehand.The Big Day – How many breaks will they need and how long? Will they play recorded music in the breaks? How will they dress? Is there any equipment that needs supplying? Is it possible for them to play requests from the guests and a playlist from the bride and groom? How long in advance do they need to know the first dance song? Do the bride and groom need to provide refreshments for the entertainment act? Consider giving the best man or the usher the task of supplying the band with a few drinks. Is there a charge for playing longer than the stated time and how much is it?The Venue – Do they have an entertainment license? Are there noise-level restrictions? Is there an adequate power supply for the chosen entertainment?Legal – What is the cancellation/postponement policy? How much is the deposit and when is it due? When is the balance due? Is VAT included? Make sure that the bride and groom’s wedding insurance covers the entertainment.

A wedding entertainment website collates a whole host of varied entertainment acts in one place making it even easier to choose the music for that special day. Their user- friendly site and excellent service answers every bride and groom’s question, taking the stress and strain out of ticking that all-important wedding entertainment box.

No one understands the importance of live music at a wedding like I Do Music.

Helen is a writer and author who works for several companies in the quirkier end of the music business, including I Do Music Ltd. I do Music are a leading, if recent, online resource for booking your wedding entertainment. With 20 years in the wedding music business, having performed in top-selling chart acts, managed big label artists and performed for A-list celebrities, international sports stars and royalty, they certainly know their stuff!

Helen is very comfortable working in this area as it’s not that many years since she went through the process herself and she retains an unhealthy interest in online forums that feature related content.

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