Why Bridal Shows Are Great

Do you take this lady to be your lawfully wedded wife? Yes I Do!

and Madam.. Do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband? Yes I Do!…..

I am getting married in the morning, ding dong the church bells are ringing……If you really want me and you really need me, then come on out and get me……lyrics from a famous 1980 eighty hit song was all that played in my head as I was getting ready to visit the Ottawa’s 2011 Bridal show.

Bridal shows are here again these must attend events for engaged couples, their friends and their families provide “to be brides” a perfect opportunity to meet wedding industry experts to get the resources and knowledge they need to plan their big day.

Recently a friend and I decide to check out the bridal show in Ottawa. The show had a full house of attendees, a great number of which were brides and grooms to be. We had a fantastic time meeting and greeting fellow attendees at the 2011 show, I could feel the excitement in the air, and you could not help observing those girly smiles and joyous out pour of excitements from just about all the female attendees. Love was in the air, it was so cute to see partners holding hands while trying to walk in single files. My conclusion was the show was an amazing success – how did I come to that conclusion?

The Ottawa bridal show saw more than 2000 attendees it was the perfect prelude to 2011 Valentine Weekend. The show was held exactly one month to the most important day on the Romantic calendar – Valentine’s Day – Yes guys take note Valentine Day is February 14th.

This two day event was held at the Westin Hotel and featured more than 50 different exhibitors ranging from professional photographers to Caribbean destination wedding Vendors – This year features door prizes range from a chance to win diamond rings, jeweller gift certificates to all inclusive honeymoon packages.

Interestingly I asked myself the question prior to attending this event – “why would someone visit a bridal show?”

Many people including I thought it was a obvious answer so curiously get the most of me and off I went to answer this question that the world being trying to answer for decades (lol); (- “why would someone visit a bridal show?”)- My findings were:

People attend to day dreamSome attend because the other half invites them – which leave a hanging question – I wonder what is up? Is he planning to ask? – Should I say yes now – what should I wear in case he did!Others attend to meet wedding industry experts to get the resources and insight they need to plan their big day.

Why did exhibitors attend bridal shows?

Generate leadsBring awareness to their brand and to their servicesAdvertise to those looking for the perfect dressSeek to inspired by displacing the latest stylesShow case their brand and services through professionally choreographed fashion shows

So next time a bridal show is in your city, check it out they are so much fun.

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