Why a DIY DJ Should Be a BIG No, No

With the introduction of the iPod, MP3 player, and other music players there has been a recent trend towards DIY DJ’s. Couples are renting a sound system and hooking up an iPod or other device to DJ their wedding receptions. This saves them money that they would have to spend to hire a DJ for their wedding reception. This sounds great right? However, there is a lot more to consider than cost. Here are a few things to consider before deciding not to book a DJ:

* If you just use an iPod someone still has to stand near it and run it. Think about the first dances. Someone has to run over, get the song ready, wait for the first dance to be announced and then press play. A Professional DJ directs the flow of the wedding, there are no long pauses waiting for someone to change the song on the iPod, or waiting for any technical difficulties to be taken care of.
* Your guests are looking to have a good time at your wedding. You spent a lot of money on this wedding; you don’t want guests to leave early. Make sure they enjoy it; a DJ can ensure everyone’s having a good time and dancing. If people aren’t dancing, the DJ knows to change the song.
* By the time you rent a sound system, buy an iPod, and pay to download all the music you need for your wedding, you will spend almost as much as you would spend on hiring a Professional DJ. Hiring a DJ is generally worth the extra cost.

Everyone wants to save money on their wedding. But by not hiring a DJ, you could end up unhappy with your wedding reception. Wedding music is the most important ambiance creator for your wedding. The songs that play set the entire mood of the reception. By hiring a DJ you can ensure your wedding reception music is taken care of and worry free.

Every moment matters,


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