What Type of Wedding Jewelry for an Ivory Wedding Gown?

Are you wearing an ivory wedding gown to get married in? If you are, you are probably wondering how to accessorize it for your big day. Jewelry is the most important accessory to go with a wedding gown that needs to be picked out. What jewelry goes well with ivory though? Let’s look into the answer for this question.

You can find all sorts of jewelry to wear with ivory. Anything from pearls to crystal jewelry is available today. But there are some things you need to remember when selecting this jewelry. For one thing, don’t let the jewelry be the focal point of your wedding apparel. You want the jewelry to accent the wedding dress not take away from it. If you have a high neckline though you might only need earrings and a bracelet and find no need for a necklace. It all depends on the dress.

Pearls are always a safe choice to wear with any wedding dress including ivory. There are many colors of pearls to choose from today though. You can buy them anywhere from dark to light colors. Pearls can go with a very formal gown or are perfect for casual too. This type of jewelry is a classic choice. The price for pearls varies though depending on whether you get cultured or freshwater ones.

Today, the jewelry made with Swarovski crystals is highly popular for weddings too. These crystals add a bit of sparkle to your attire. You can get these in bracelets, necklaces and earrings. The dangle earrings are usually used for this type of jewelry. This type of jewelry is quite affordable too. It is much easier to afford it over diamonds or other gemstones.

If you want to add some bling to your wedding then you can use rhinestones. These have been around a long time and are quite affordable to buy. They add sparkle but in a different way than the crystals described above. You can find all styles of this jewelry too from real ornate to simple elegance. These are a perfect enhancement for you ivory wedding dress.

If your budget allows diamonds go with anything. However, this is the pricier choice. You might opt instead for the cubic zirconia (CZ) instead, it is hard to tell the difference with the quality of the CZ stones today and they cost a lot less.

The one thing you need to remember about putting jewelry with your ivory wedding dress is that the jewelry should fit the style of the dress. If the dress is a simple dress, your jewelry should be simple. The fancier the dress the fancier the jewelry can be as long as it does not overshadow the dress. Remember, you want to stand out and be noticed in the dress, and the jewelry just an added touch. You don’t want the quests going home talking only about the jewelry you had on. So choose your jewelry with care.

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