What to Pack for a European Honeymoon

Europe is always a popular destination for honeymooners. With so many sights, cultural attractions, and romantic restaurants, there is no shortage of things to do on a trip to the Continent. Get your trip off to a great start by learning what to pack for a European honeymoon.

For many newlyweds, their honeymoon is their first trip to Europe. There are some differences in what to pack for a wedding trip overseas than what you would bring on a beach honeymoon, so it is important to bring the right things. Of course the first thing you will need to pack is your passport. Make a spare copy to leave with a friend at home, as well as a copy to keep in your suitcase (separate from the actual passport). Also bring a credit card (call your bank to alert them that you will be using the card overseas, lest they think it is stolen and freeze the account) and a small amount of Euros (or pounds if heading to the U.K.).

You will see many amazing things in Europe, so remember to pack your camera and plenty of spare batteries. Find out about the electrical outlets in the countries which you plan to visit, and purchase an outlet converter so you can charge your cell phone and plug in your hair dryer while on your honeymoon. It might also be fun to bring a travel journal to document all the outings you took across the Continent. Given the length of time involved in traveling across the ocean, your honeymoon might be the perfect excuse to treat yourself to a new Kindle or other electronic book reader so you will have plenty of reading material on the plane. And don’t forget your language books if visiting a country where they do not speak in a language in which you are fluent.

You may have heard that people dress less casually in Europe than they do in the United States, and it is absolutely true. When you pack for your honeymoon, your goal should be to bring a wardrobe which is stylish, versatile, and comfortable. Leave your t-shirts, jeans, and sneakers at home. Instead bring pieces which can be mixed and matched like black pants, a few skirts, blouses, and cute sweaters. If you are honeymooning in the summer months, skirts will be more appropriate than shorts. Wearing the wrong attire may mean that you are not admitted to certain places, such as cathedrals, which may have a policy banning shorts and bare shoulders.

Definitely bring along a few stylish dresses for your honeymoon trip for romantic dinners. Crystal earrings will add the right amount of sparkle for evening, and the crystal earrings are much more sensible to travel with than valuable diamonds. European women are known for their chic style, and the right shoes are a must for your trip. A few pairs of comfortable ballet flats are ideal for sightseeing – easy to walk in, yet polished and graceful – they will be a much better choice than sneakers or flip flops. You might also want to pack a couple of beautiful scarves. They can be a great way to give new life to the basic black pants and blouses, and a scarf can come in very handy if you want to tour a cathedral that requires ladies to cover their heads. Watch how the ladies on the streets of Paris and Milan wear their scarves for inspiration.

One last tip about packing for your European honeymoon – leave room in your suitcase! When traveling in such a stylish place, you will surely want to pick up a few things to bring home. How could you resist treating yourself to a pair of Ferragamo pumps in Florence, or a Hermes scarf (or Chanel bag) in Paris, or a pair of Jimmy Choos in London? By the time you finish your honeymoon tour of Europe, you will likely have picked up more than a few style tips from the chic ladies there, and you will certainly want to bring home your own accessories to emulate a bit of their panache at home.

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