What to Do With You Wedding Gown After the Wedding

Every Bride is now asking “What do you do with your wedding dress after the wedding?” So here are a couple of ideas that will allow you to preserve, reuse, or let go of your wedding dress.

Selling your wedding dress: Lots of brides are choosing this option. After the wedding brides can sell their wedding dress, usually at a lower price, to other brides. This is a good option for modern dresses, classics that never go out of style, and antique wedding dresses as vintage is the newest trend. Your dress should be dry cleaned and kept in bag to preserve it while on the market. There are a lot of online sources in Toronto where you can resell your wedding dress. eBay, Craigslist, and Weddingbells.ca are good places to start. Check through the listings and price your dress accordingly.

Donation: The Brides’ Project in Toronto allows brides to donate their gowns and also receives large donations from corporate sponsors. The donated and designer dresses are sold to brides looking for their perfect wedding gown. All proceeds are donated to charities helping to fight cancer. Not only are you helping brides buy their wonderful dream dress on a budget but you are also taking steps to help fight cancer. There are other great places to donate across Toronto. Here is a great ‘How To’ article that will help you find a great place to donate your dress.

Preserving: Keeping with the old tradition passing your wedding dress on to your daughter here is a great way to preserve your wedding dress for future use. Courtesy Gown in Toronto offers a cleaning, preserving, and restoration service. To preserve they clean the gown, allow you to inspect it to be to your standards, and then they preserve it in special made bags or chests to protect against discolouration, moisture, and fumes.

Re-use: There are ways to keep your dress for another occasion. You can make it into a cocktail dress, or strip the layers to make it into a ball-gown. You can also use the dress for different projects. Some brides have used their dress for photo albums, napkins, curtains, table cloths, and etc. Re-using your wedding dress allows it to be in use and not go to waste. It also allows the memory of your big day to be kept in sight.

For the bride who doesn’t want to think about the aftermath there are now stores you can go to rent a wedding dress for the day. Best for Bride and Gown Go Round are shops that offer rental designer bridal gowns. They allow you to purchase packages with accessories which you are then able to return after the big day. There are things you have to remember when renting a gown. Dresses have to be rented as is with little to no alterations allowed. Some places don’t offer their prices up front so be sure to ask the right question and check for underlining fees.

Based in Toronto, Renee Ferguson has been writing wedding and destination wedding articles, tips, and advice since 2009. Her articles have appeared on “Black Bride” and “The Bridal Association of America” website. She was certified as a Wedding Coordinator and Destination Wedding Coordinator with the Wedding Planners Institute of Canada.

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